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Magma IPL Hair Removal


Permanent hair reduction is performed using a powerful laser or Intense Pulsed Light technologies to target and heat the hair follicles. Successfully damaged follicles are then no longer able to produce new hairs. The Magma is the ultimate hair removal solution for all skin types, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort. It is also a powerful solution for facial and leg vascular lesions, offering better results with fewer treatments.


Each session destroys the hair follicles to become thinner and thinner until there is nothing left and the hair can no longer grow back. It usually takes multiple sessions for this to happen and every area of the body differs in stubbornness and thickness.


Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, aka photofacial, is a way to improve the color and texture of your skin without surgery. It can undo some of the visible damage caused by sun exposure like dark spots, freckles, and pigmentation. The IPL device is designed to activate the skin’s natural healing processes without actually harming delicate dermal tissue. IPL therapy should not cause scarring, infection, or other complications when administered by a qualified professional.After your treatment you may experience some slight shedding, this is normal and a good sign that the treatment is working. As your skin attempts to repair itself, it will shed its dull, damaged outer layer and form supple, vibrant new skin. During this process, skin-firming proteins (like collagen and elastin) are produced in abundance, mitigating some of the effects of age-related collagen loss. The light emitted during IPL therapy also breaks down the dark pigment inside age spots and freckles, creating a more even skin tone.


    The most advanced 808nm diode laser yet, delivering outstanding results at unmatched comfort for all skin types. Clinically proven and FDA approved, the Fast & Painless mode is safer and more comfortable than ever before.
    ALL SKIN TYPES – Offering safe and effective treatments for all skin types.
    5 TREATMENT MODES – Enhanced clinical flexibility with more comfort and better results.
    PERSONALIZED – With Milo the melanin meter, it’s safe and easy to set personalized treatment parameters.
    GOLDEN TOUCH – Integrated contact cooling for maximum comfort.


● IPL treatment offers deep rejuvenation with very littledowntime.● The IPL photofacial pairs well with other non-surgical treatments like injectables and dermal fillers.Treatments typically take 30mins, so you can easily schedule your procedure around other commitments.

● Combats the effects of UV damage.● Painlessly eliminate unwanted face and body hair. Like laser hair removal, IPL can remove hair from large areas very quickly. By targeting the melanin in hair follicles, it heats up the hair follicles which then prevents hair growth. ● IPL Photorejuvenation can be performed on multiple areas of the body.


  • Is the Magma treatment painful?

    No. The Magma has an inbuilt water cooling system. It is equipped with a Double Chiller with sapphire frame tips cooled to 4 degrees celsius providing a significant reduction in patient discomfort.
    The Diode laser is one of the fastest hair removal systems in the world, featuring one of the highest pulse density modulations on the market, allowing a coverage area of up to 18cm2 per second and offering fast, effective and painless treatments with maximum coverage.

  • How long does the treatment last?

    The Magma can remove a 10cm x 10cm area in 20 seconds. It depends on the area you want to treat and the amount of hair, but this is one of the fastest hair removal lasers on the market.

  • Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?

    Yes! The Magma offers five different modes of laser diode operation, enabling easy customization of treatment according to each patient’s skin and hair type, even skin types V and VI.

IPLs have very little downtime with good results over 2-6 sessions. Compared to chemical peels, which can be more aggressive and typically involve more downtime and recovery, IPL can be a better option for you. This can be determined by consultation with us to evaluate your needs and options for the best results.Recommended maintenance treatments are every 6 to 12 months to help prolong results.