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Precision ED Soundwave Therapy


There is no doubting the fact the erectile dysfunction (ED) diminishes the quality of life in males who are suffering the condition. Diabetes, hormonal imbalances, hypertension, and lifestyle factors like excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can all contribute to ED, and with the prevalence of ED globally (studies show between 33%-50% suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction) seemingly on the rise, there has been an increase in marketing efforts to generate awareness in men that ED is treatable!In the past, options for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) were primarily oral medications that have to be taken on-demand in advance of sexual intercourse, and some patients actually end up building a tolerance which decreases the effectiveness over time. More advanced types of ED have potentially required invasive procedures like surgical interventions, including penile implants!


Over the last 10+ years, Soundwave therapy or SWT has been gaining popularity as a clinically proven non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction, and the literature shows that SWT is rapidly becoming the (non-pharmaceutical) standard of care treatment for men with vasculogenic ED!


● Non-Surgical treatment with no downtime● Improves the health of penile tissue at the cellular level by increasing vascularity (blood-flow) in the penis which improves the bodies ability to get and maintain an erection● Improves the body's ability to have natural and spontaneous erections (this isn’t an option with oral ED medications which have to be taken on demand!)● SWT increases nerve tissue growth in the penis through a process called neurogenesis which increases sensitivity● SWT is effective at breaking down and reducing the scar tissue that is found in patients with Peyronie's disease (penile curvature)


  • Does Soundwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Hurt?

    No! The vast majority of patients experience little to no discomfort during the treatment. At Vibrance BPC we are happy to offer Pro-Nox to any of our patients who are experiencing pre-treatment anxiety!

  • How many sessions of Precision ED Soundwave Therapy will I need to treat my erectile dysfunction?

    This will be discussed during your consultation to determine an individualized treatment plan for each patient, but generally most patients require 6 treatments over a 3 week period (meaning you would come to the office twice a week for 3 weeks).

  • How fast will I notice the results?

    Each person will respond a little differently to the procedure, however, many patients see an improvement in their erectile function within the first 24 hours after their first treatment! It’s not guaranteed to work that quickly, but results should continue to improve over a 4-6 week period after your first treatment!

  • Why choose Precision ED SWT over other treatments for erectile dysfunction?

    Precision ED SWT is a non-surgical treatment that can restore spontaneity to erections, meaning that there wouldn’t be a need to take a pill on-demand before intercourse! Also unlike with oral medications, there is no risk of building a tolerance to the treatment which would limit the effectiveness.

  • Can I combine Precision ED SWT with other treatments?

    Yes! Dr. Hsieh has successfully used Precision ED soundwave therapy with other services available at Vibrance BPC like bioidentical hormone pellet therapy which raises a patient's testosterone levels and can improve libido and erectile function! Dr. Hsieh also has experience in doing PRP injections in the penis alongside Precision ED Shockwave therapy to heighten results!


The best way to get started with Precision ED Soundwave Therapy is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hsieh to make sure that the treatment is the best fit for you and your concerns. We look forward to having an open and honest conversation about your health history, including your sexual health concerns, and what we can do for you.