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O-Shot – PRP for Sexual Health


The idea of harnessing the power of stems cells and growth factors from one's own body is a concept that has been applied in various areas of medicine for years, and these same growth factors that can help improve joint pain in the knees and elbows, and improve hair growth in your scalp, can also be utilized to improve vaginal sensitivity and treat an array of intimate health issues, as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with another modality like ThermiVA, Emsella, Cliovana, or BioTE hormone pellet therapy!


Utilizing a simple blood draw from the arm, Dr. Helen Hsieh and the team at Vibrance BPC will use a centrifuge to spin the vial of blood and separate the growth factors from the red blood cells and other components that don’t contain regenerative materials. After applying the necessary numbing cream, these growth factors are then injected into the clitoris and vaginal wall in what’s commonly known as the O-Shot procedure!


● Non-Surgical treatment with no downtime● Produces collagen and new blood vessel formation in the vaginal and clitoral tissue● Reduces incidences of stress urinary incontinence or loss of urine during exercise or while sneezing● Helps alleviate pain with sex and vaginal dryness resulting from menopause by improving vaginal lubrication● Treats sexual dysfunction in women by improving vaginal sensitivity and the ability to achieve orgasm


  • Does the O-Shot hurt?

    Before the procedure the sensitive areas are numbed thoroughly with a topical anesthetic in order to ensure maximum comfort during the treatment. Most patients report that the procedures involves little to no pain with this technique.

  • How fast will I notice the results?

    Each person will respond differently, and some patients experience an immediate improvement. For most patients, the maximum benefit is usually felt in 3-4 months.

  • How long do the results last?

    Most patients will experience the benefits of the o-shot for a minimum of one year.

  • Are there any complications?

    Since the O-Shot treatment for sexual health utilizes a patients own blood the risk of complications are minimal. Some patients may experience mild swelling, redness, numbness, and irritation for the first few days after the procedure.

  • Can I combine the O-Shot with other treatments? 

    Yes! The O-shot works great in conjunction with optimizing your libido using BioTE pellet therapy, or in conjunction with another vaginal rejuvenation treatment like ThermiVA, or pelvic health treatment like Emsella!


The best way to get started with the O-Shot is by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hsieh to make sure that the treatment is the best fit for you and your concerns. A pelvic exam may be required in order to confirm your candidacy for this treatment. On the day of your treatment please come well hydrated in order to ensure a smooth process during the blood draw portion of the procedure.